Brian Sergott is a Camera & Steadicam Operator based out of Los Angeles, CA.



Brian is a camera operator based in Venice, CA whose passions include skiing, surfing, mountain biking and any type of self-improvement activity.


Growing up in Gardnerville, NV, a small town near Lake Tahoe the spirit of the outdoors and adventure runs through Brian's veins. Brian first picked up a camera at a young age of 12 to film his friends skiing at his local ski resort, Kirkwood, CA.


His formal education of filmmaking began in his Undergraduate studies at the University of Nevada, Reno which he majored in Broadcast Journalism and Photography. During sophomore year, in a cinematography elective class he was introduced to Steadicam and the art of cinematography. Forever his path was changed. Toward the end of his undergrad he spent a summer in Los Angeles volunteering on graduate level thesis films, it was then he realized he needed to move to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams.


In 2014, Brian began his studies at USC in the MFA Cinematography program. Soon in his studies he realized that building a career for himself meant pursuing the one job he loved the most. The camera operator. In 2015, Brian's formal introduction in Steadicam began with the Gold Workshop by Tiffen where he learned from Inventor of the Steadicam, Garrett Brown. Learning from the best, sparked his interest even more. After the workshop, Brian purchased his first big rig and the rest is history. Brian finished his studies at USC and found his education extremely valuable. More so, he finds value in experience and building relationships with fellow filmmakers, assistants  and mentors. Brian continues to pursue his knowledge of camera operating with Steadicam and other forms of operating.


Brian is now an IATSE ICG Local 600 Camera Operator, whose credits extent from music videos from top artists including Selena Gomez to Independent Features to the Winter X Games.